I’m excited to share that having successfully completed my recent training, I am Xero advisor certified for another year! Yay! It’s really important to me that I keep on top of my quarterly training so I can apply and share the very latest tips and features with my lovely clients, and ensure Xero is working in the best possible way to support you and your business.

What I’m loving in Xero right now
You might have already guessed, but I’m a bit of a numbers gal and I’ve been loving playing around with reporting lately. Delving deeper into what to figures actually mean and considering how they align with current trends is fascinating. I think it’s important for business owners to get to grips with these invaluable tools to understand the big picture and fine tune the detail. Explore what’s profitable for you right now and understand where costs can be saved…plus so much more!

Xero vs. other products
So I love Xero, but one feature QuickBooks now does really well is cashflow forecasting and I hope Xero will develop something similar in the future as it’s an incredibly useful tool to have built in.

In the meantime, check out some of the awesome Xero add-on tools available and how they could integrate with other software you might use to increase your output

Don’t forget, I may be able to get a cheeky discount if you purchase your Xero subscriptions from me. Ping me an email if you’re interested in finding out more!

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