Couldn’t wait to shout out that I passed my QuickBooks Recertification exam today. It’s really important to ensure we keep up our training. QuickBooks have had many updates over the past year that I took the time to watch the videos and am really looking forward to imparting some of this new knowledge on existing and new clients.

From built-in cashflow reporting functions to managing projects; to ‘tagging’ and some amazing new overviews for us book-keepers to ensure your data is as accurate as it can possibly be. It’s quite interesting how QuickBooks are really giving Xero a run for their money. I feel both softwares have their place in the market and am a firm believer that you should have the right tool for the right job. But more and more QuickBooks are surprising me with tips and tricks coming to light. With everything we have been through over the last 12 months or so a cashflow forecast is an invaluable tool for any business right now. And this one is within the QuickBooks package! No need to spend any extra money.

Don’t forget I can get a cheeky discount on QuickBooks subscriptions. Ping me an email if you’re interested in finding out more!

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