Take control. Do more…
Outlook is an email and calendar service that helps you stay on top of what matters and get things done.

Yes I know – you either sit in the Microsoft or Apple corner – or maybe even the Microsoft and Google corner? I for one am a huge fan of Microsoft Office 365. I have a range of Clients and always try to fit within their comfort zone as I am here to make their lives easier (not harder by imposing new software on to them).

For me personally, there are a number of factors that Microsoft have introduced that Google just hasn’t got to grips with (yet…). My Outlook is my one stop shop of multiple email accounts in the one place, shared calendars (that are of course colour coordinated), shared contacts and my categorised tasks lists. Now I understand there are other apps out there that can cover off these organisational tools – but what better way to work than in the one interface?

Let me know your thoughts? Are you a Google or Microsoft fan? Do you use a PC or a Mac?